We verify the employment history and current status, positions held in the company, employment time frames and gaps.

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Verification of degrees, scholar background, diplomas, focus on confirmation of specialty, duration of study.

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Confirmation of professional qualifications and other licenses held, 3rd party training certifications. other credentials.

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Research on individual's personal background, courts, commercial, validate identity, social profile, locates and trace.

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We'll help you make an informed hire decision

Our services are dependable, reliable, compliant and add value to your recruiting process. We'll make sure you have all the right facts on your desk, in order to make an informed and educated decision if you should hire that much needed employee.

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Our background verification reports are invaluable.

Our wide array of background checks, education verification, screening solutions and valuable add-on services are helping our clients to ascertain in an educated mode if a candidate is suitable for that position, and more. We can also help to lessen the work burden on your HR department, by taking some time-consuming tasks from their shoulders.

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