BACKGROUND CHECK ROMANIA has been established in 1991, as an investigative agency, one of the first of its kind in Romania. We specialize in background checks, candidate profiling, employment and education reversal checks, reference collection and screening services in Romania. We conduct such projects on a regular basis, and deliver 100% spot-on, legal, accurate and professional results.

Our clients are Western human resources companies, who deal with recruiting highly skilled professionals in Romania and Republic of Moldova, or companies looking to hire and who are resourcing via their own HR departments.

We conduct our background checks following fully legal compliance with the existing laws and regulations. We observe with the utmost responsibility the Data Protection regulations, as drawn and valid in Romania and the European Union. We make sure that any and every background check and screening verification we run in Romania is free of legal trouble, as illegal obtained data can backfire on our clients and obviously, on ourselves.

We can help your organization (be it HR agency, a large company with its own recruiting department or a multinational entity) to choose the right candidate for that particular or sensitive position.

Our service portfolio

employment and pre-employment

employment and education

ID verification and validation

CV verification and reverse check

reference collection

education background check

full personal background check

criminal background check

social media profiling background check romania

data mining background check romaniaSocial media is the largest group of people we know. More than a billion people go to connect, share, and reflect. For recruiters, social media provides the largest database of candidates we know of. By scouring the social media, one can obtain invaluable insight into a candidate’s work habit, skill, qualifications, culture, employment patterns, compliance with known regulations, and so forth. We, at Background Check Romania understand all these and as a result, we are in a position where we can be of excellent help to our clients.

If you are a recruiter, a human resource agency or downright hiring your employees from out there, we can offer you an invaluable service which, run in a responsible and legal manner, can get you vital insight on that perfect candidate.

Ask us about our free background check evaluation and quotation

Contact us if you need a background check in Romania or a screening / vetting service in Romania, or if you need more information about us and our services. Call on us for a free of charge case assessment and quotation.

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