Background check additional services

SDN OFAC compliance verification
Extend that background check

Besides the pre-packaged service options, some employers may need to supplement a background check of a certain candidate with other data research and reports on specific matters. For instance, in order to assess how the candidate’s commercial past or credit history might affect his or her suitability for the organization who is doing the employing.

Commercial activitiesIf candidate is or has been linked in the past to a company or self employment license. This search can be focused on Romania, European Union territories, or other countries.
Alternative backgroundA different approach to our services: local verification of the candidate, address direct (covert) check, neighbour (covert) interviews, family (covert) research, and so forth.
COVID 19  – A lot of your employees are returning to work, now that the restrictions are relaxing. Do not endanger your team, your business or the working environment, make certain your returning employees are free of any contagion- related infections.
Drug testing & screeningOne of the best solutions to screen one’s employees, within a legal and secure medical environment, on or off the premises. Confidentiality of all data is paramount.
Behaviour profilingSocial deep mining data, together with study of information we gather during the research, are professionally analysed and reported.
Tenant check & screeningIs your current or future tenant trustworthy? Can you really trust someone you do not know at all with your property? We’ll do the check for you, legally and fast.