Bad CV and identity theft

Verificarea candidatului inainte de angajare
Background Check Romania overview

We are seeing more and more fake CV’s/ resumes and some increase in identity theft, in our background check research for Romania and Moldova. Could be a sign of the second part of the saying “there were the best of times, there were the worst of times”. Could very well be, but the whole idea behind a background check is obviously to get rid of such candidates who rely on falsehood to gain employment. We are in fact some sort of “gate guard” of client’s company, as it were.

Background Check Romania is conducting verification on candidate’s employment history, job references, deep social mining, education references on educational past, confirmation and validation of professional and educational qualifications.

If you are interested in checking your current employees, checking of your current and future candidates, do not hesitate to contact us for our service plans (we do offer excellent bulk price plans). 

We are also largely open to any customization of our service plans; this way we can address your project in an exact manner, with focus on your costs, opportunities and needs.