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Background check additional services
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There are certain roles in a company that come with certain levels of responsibility, with the ability to impact on its future to such extent that the organization should see as mandatory secondary or additional verification of the candidate. Int’l degrees  and qualifications, check on extended court search, or a special check on special job roles in the past, references and so forth.

Conflict of interestsWe research the professional and commercial past and present, in order to verify if any conflicts of interests has existed or exist currently; if yes, we provide proof of it.
Activity monitoringMonitor one’s habits and behaviour online can be one of the most looked-up sources of information on an employee. Various options available, cost-effective.
Identity validationAnalyzing the necessary data to validate one’s identity. Identity theft usually appears in pre-employment stages, so we’ll make sure your candidate is who he says he is.
Credit & insolvency historyIs or was the candidate a subject of credit restraining? Has he ever applied for insolvency while running a business? Was he a subject of licensing legal limitation ? 
Court & judicial researchApart from our service already included in some packages, we check on certain courts in Romania and EU, for any data related to candidate’s as a court file party.
Nationwide & European warrantsAn option which involves a nationwide  or European search for any outstanding warrants in the territories. We’ll know if your candidate has such in his name.