Identity verification

Civil court check
GDPR main objective

We take very seriously the identity verification of an individual, when it comes to identity, previous employment and education history confirmation.This is why our CV and identity verification in Romania are successful and our clients are very satisfied with the results obtained in the last 24 years since we started this type of service.

Any identity verification service ranging from basic to comprehensive is bound to be considered the key to any background research. Sometimes, a wrong detail in a CV may signal a red flag, ranging from small lies, up to plain identity theft.

  • reconstruct the timelines mentioned in the CV
  • backtrack of long “blank” periods of time between jobs
  • verify and confirm the real positions / jobs and duties
  • clarify possible issues with the conflicting information
  • validate identity and eliminate possible identity issues

We are always happy to work with our clients in order to get a custom-tailored work frame and / a bespoke project. This is why we want to learn more on how we may assist you with your background check needs in Romania.