Obviously, these here are not the perfect packages. This is because they are only our standard proposal for pre-packed solutions which your company may use out of the box. Obviously, you may choose one of the packages and you're ready to go. We will have the services for you up and running in 24 hrs time.

Mind, the packages presented here are fully customizable, i.e. services from a package can be migrated to another, and this is something we strongly encourage you to try.

If you so choose, you may build your own package, by selecting the services your company needs. Budget wise, we are ready, able and willing to meet and exceed your requirements, we're certain of it. Just let us know what you need, we're going to have a tag price for you fast enough to close the deal in 24 hrs time.

What else? Fast turnaround time, best value for money on Romanian background/screening service market. Contact us today for a chat.


We listen to your needs.
We match your budget.

These are the pre-packed solutions we offer to our clients. Obviously, in the real world the demands and needs come in all shapes and sizes, therefore we strongly encourage you to let us know if there is any other service you may need added to the above solutions. Perhaps an entirely different package ?

We will endeavour to match you company needs, by tailoring a bespoke service plan for your exact budget, scope and requirements. For various other services available, you may wish to visit our services page, where you can peruse the services we conduct. These can be a starting point for your customization of a package for your company.

We are totally open to suggestions, and we encourage initial discussions by an online meeting. Just let us know when.