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Why screen your tenant ?
Hire safe
Why screen your tenant ?
Hire safe

We have put together a few answers to the questions a new client may have for us. Obviously, these are but the tip of iceberg, so to speak, but these such as here will help you know us a bit better, but if you really need specific and exact information on us, our services and our professional expertise, please let us know.

Remember we are here to assist you to the best of our abilities. Our experience of almost 30 yrs is put behind us, to help you deal with the hiring process. 

Why conduct employment background checks?

Mainly, to make certain that the candidate is suitable for the job you have available in your organization. Also, it is kind of mandatory in certain field of activity or for certain positions.

How can my organization’s HR dept benefit of your services?

We are taking the pressure off your HR dept, when it comes to sifting and shuffling through those multitude of documents needed for a background check, all of which taking valuable time. Your HR dept only needs to forward 2 documents to us: the candidate’s CV and the Candidate’s Accord, signed and dated. We’ll take it from there and send a report when all checks are done with. Your HR only needs to take note of the conclusion and file it. That is helpful, quite a lot, in our opinion.

By using our own forms and templates, your HR dept is also free of devising or keeping such forms updated. We see this as a less burden on your HR employees.

Does a candidate have to give consent to process a background check?

It is mandatory. Without a written and signed Accord, it stands to reason that we cannot, we shall not and will not process any verification. Or any inquiry, no matter what shape or form may take.

Do you contact applicants during an employment verification?

We see this as a “no go” area. While it is not forbidden, we will not contact a candidate. Any and all necessary contact will be handled by the recruiter. Obviously, the client can trust us with contacting the candidate, but it sort of unusual. So we prefer not to, if it is all right with the client.

What kind of background checks deliver the best results?

We are of the opinion that a candidate can be profiled by researching the employment / education / litigation history. This will shape the profile and to a certain extent, will tell the employer or the recruiter most there is to know about the candidate. 

Do you have a customization option, so I can make my own plan?

We take pride in offering full bespoke solutions to our clients. 

Do you run verification with my current employer?

Our documentation which has to be signed by the candidate (prior to running any verification) has the option of running verification with your current employer, or not. If you choose not to, then the verification will not be run with your current employer. However, the recruiter may wish to get some reasons on why not, and the recruiter may or may not discuss this with you. It is up to you and / or the recruiter, really.

How long does pre-employment background screening usually take?

Anywhere from 24 hrs to 5 working days. It all depends on how fast the institutions and companies are returning the data required.

How secure is the information I submit to you?

Very. We take security and confidentiality extremely serious. 

What happens to my personal information once the process is complete?

According to the new regulations of GDPR 2018, your data will be processed via an application which renders all information unusable for anyone in the future. Data anonymization is a type of information sanitization whose intent is privacy protection. It is the process of either encrypting or removing personally identifiable information from data sets, so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous.

Can you process International searches?

That we can. Currently, we process two such categories of candidates to jobs in Romania: Romanian nationals and foreign nationals, both categories with a history of employment or education outside Romania.

We are always willing and able to help you with any inquiry you may have, regarding our services and expertise. If you feel you need some clarifications on the above, do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions and answers
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