Romania employment verification

Are you hiring in Romania? Are you a human resources agency or directly hiring, for a client or for yourself? Are you a Western company with a branch opened in Romania and look to employ Romanian nationals? Good for you, looks like business is good.

You know you need to sift through candidates and offer that sensitive position to someone who you feel you know and trust, don’t you? And how do you get to know if the candidate is true to his/her CV ? How do you get to know the facts, and so to make an educated decision on hiring the right person? We can help.

We run background searches and checks to ascertain the following:

employment history and exactness of the last jobs descriptions, positions, responsibilities 

education history and verification of qualifications and professional documents

collection of professional references from previous employers

identity validation, as identity theft appears to be rising in numbers

deep social and media profiling

drug testing on or off the premises

If you are in need of verifying your candidate credentials and history of employment or /and education, look no further. Background Check Romania will assist you in a professional manner, legally and fast. Call on us via email or by phone, +40-741-394667.

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