We are a dependable organization. Our services are effective and reliable, legal and professional. We run services our competition does not, because we are not pencil pushers, we’re expert investigators with almost 30 years behind us. And you need such a professional when it comes to run your why’s and who’s. 


- improve your business -

Our services to HR organizations or recruiters come pre-packed with most regular features, if your needs are such. However, we offer the optional add-on services, or why not just build your own package, using our customization  service? Volume pricing is also available!


- get the best candidate -

You’re in the market for that right candidate to fill that sensible position within your organization. You look to hire direct, and you need to know your decision will be trouble-free. We are providing you with pre-packed solutions, or you may customize your own pack.


We run specific industries background check and screening services on candidates for specific roles in specific organizations. The key vectors in such a research are specific skills and qualifications, suitability and security vetting for that special position, special licenses, criminal check, etc. Check our customization plans too.

Visit our specific industry checks here >>>>

Complementary to our pre-packed solutions, we offer several other services, as standalone add-ons to the service packs advertised. You may add these to your customized plans.
We do offer service plans, priced as per volume of business we may undertake and conduct on your behalf. Very good value for money, these may be the solution if you have large orders.
BESPOKE SOLUTIONS - make your own pack
We are aware that our pre-packed services may not the best solution for some of our clients. That is why we offer a simple yet excellent “self-service”, where our clients can build their own solution, using the standalone services or our specific industry services.
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