Personal references


Part of our background check services package we run in Romania, we offer references collection, as an integrated task in a background check, or as a standalone service. This gives our services a great flexibility which we mainly use to address your company needs. We also are great at customizing our projects, so we encourage you to let us know how we may assist you in Romania.

Our clients, ranging from human resources agencies (Romanian or foreign) to companies hiring their staff in a direct manner, are seeking this references collection Romania type of service mainly as an integrated task. This ensures they have a full control on the true history of employment and / or education background for a Romanian candidate.

It also means that we deliver to our clients a good and true insight into the candidate’s personal, educational or professional background.

Contact us if you need references collection Romania run in this country, or a background run in Romania or a screening / vetting service in Romania. Or if you need more information about us and our services, let us know.

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