Pre-packed solutions for recruiters


ID & address validation

Employment (last or current) *

Education (last graduated) *

Civil litigations (local only) *

Social media activity *

Local media presence 

Red flags highlight


ID & address validation

Employment (last 2 jobs) *

Education (last two graduated) *

Civil litigations (last 5 yrs) *

Criminal courts check (last 5 yrs) *

Professional qualifications

Self employment status (last 5 yrs)

Social media profiling *

Media presence

Red flags highlight


ID & address validation

Employment (last 3 jobs) *

Education (last 3 graduations) *

Civil litigations (last 10 yrs) *

Criminal courts check (last 10 yrs) *

Professional qualification

Professional memberships held

Commercial associations (RO / UE)

Self employed status (last 10 yrs)

Social media profiling *

Media presence

Red flags highlight

* – verification available for Romania / EU / N. America / Asia employers, as per candidate’s CV

* – verification available for Romania / EU /  N. America / Asia, education entities, as per candidate’s CV

* – reports will confirm existence of court file, role of candidate and case matter only

* – report will confirm social presence; details will be reported, only if red flags and negative issues are confirmed

Note – we do not engage in “blind research”, and as such, we do verify / check only the positions, graduations, qualifications, memberships, addresses which are expressly mentioned by the candidate in his/her curriculum.


We provide additional services, as standalone solutions or as add-on service, which will enhance the focus onto a certain candidate, if need be. Great value when welded to an already existing plan.

Your candidate/s may be marked for a certain position within an organization. We tailor a specialized background research for that particular industry or that singular position envisaged for a certain candidate.

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