Part time


Is there a need to verify or screen your part-time employees? Well, why not? Why should you not run a verification on this category of employees, short as it may be their contact with your organization?

The first reason would be that any employee is a tool which makes your company go better, irrespective of that employee being a temp, a part-timer or a regular one. For instance, your part-timer is working at the front desk, being the face of the company for a certain period of time; or you have a part-timer who works with customers, their children, their families, etc. Are they suitable to represent you and your organization? Are they?

Some of these positions here are suitable to be verified:

  • retail 
  • warehouses
  • drivers
  • administrative
  • contracting

Remember that part-time employees are representing your organization in the same way as the full time employee do. Contact us to get a quote for this service.

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