When managing a public or private transportation organization, ferrying people of goods, you’re challenged to maintain and pursue several objectives, such as:

  • Comply with specific regulations, both national and international
  • Protect client’s products and contractual supplying regulations
  • Manage public safety and that of the passengers
  • Reduce liability in case of incidents 
  • Protect the vehicle fleet and your investment

This solution is applicable to companies engaging in:

  • public transportation, local/national/international
  • school bus drivers
  • special courier drivers
  • cash or valuable transports collecting
  • executive & professional drivers
  • lorry drivers

We know it’s not easy, but we are here to help. We offer background checks and verification services, pre-packed or customized solutions, to fit any public or privately-owned transportation organization.

We help ensure that your employees meet both professional standards and the expectations of your facility. We are certain you will see the benefits and long term value of our services. Let us know if we can improve these, or add your own.

Contact us for our free assessment service, or call us on +40-(0)-741-394667, or downright email us, or ask us about our custom solutions available.

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