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BACKGROUND CHECK ROMANIA has been established in 1991, as an investigative agency, one of the first of its kind in Romania. We have grown solid during the years, expanding and honing our professional skills and expertise, and took deep roots into the background check service field in Romania.

A few brief words about us: we specialize in background check, candidate profiling, employment and education reversal check, reference collection and screening services in Romania. Our mission is clear and we're upholding it at all times.

If your organization is in need of verification of your candidates, their employment past, educational history or professional credentials, you may count on us.

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Our LinkedIn professional profile is pretty much self-explanatory on our expertise and experience. Once you're the Background Check Romania's page, feel free to read a couple of our professional media articles related to our field of activity.

    About the owner of Background Check Romania

    Its owner and project manager, Julian Tanase, is a professional investigator with 29 years of spotless investigative services. Excellent and long standing with the Association of British Investigators UK and Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. 


      7 days reporting

      This is our regular turnaround time, for our standard background check reports. This time frame is more often than not even less. However, it's really up to the institutions we deal with, research wise.


      Completion rate

      Our rate of completion for background check orders is 100% so far. We haven't got a single failed order, and we are proud to say this. This excellent rate is mainly to due to our best procedures in place..

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