Legality of data collection

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A good background check is a useful background check. Useful for  your client, that is. It goes without saying that a good background check but badly researched is useless to your client and a danger to your freedom; moreover, it may be a ticket for your client to visit a court of law.

Our main focus on any and each background check job we get to conduct is the legality of data collected, the legality of data collection process and of course, the legality of sources used to collect the said data. It is paramount that any and all of these three should be integral and fully observed.

Why should you observe and respect the above?

Imagine that there are clients (not many) who do not give much on how you collect the data needed; you just get it somehow, report it and all is well. Or is it?

Well, it’s not, actually. And it is not all right because of the legality of data collection. Obviously, we all like to provide as much data as we can, in our reports. And at times, we may be in a position where we can get confidential information, from hush- hush sources or similar; alternatively, we may gain access (via our former police colleagues, for instance) to certain personal information of a citizen. Or we obtain a piece of information in a way which, well, is not too, err…you know what I mean. And that piece of information looks damn good in our report. Actually, it looks vital and it may convince our client to praise our work, inducing him to call on us for next project or similar.

It’s good, isn’t it? Yes, it is. However, after 2 weeks, you get a call from your client saying that they have been sued by the subject of your background check. Reason being that your report contains information which was obtained fraudulently, and exposing this information to public was illegal and damaging to the subject constitutional rights. And you enter in a world of nightmarish legal intricacies, where things are hitting you from every corner and you are wrapped tightly in a straight jacket of your own making.

Whatever you say and do will not make your case hold water in front of a judge or prosecutor; you will be liable and held accountable for the illegal obtaining and disseminating a confidential personal information. And the fact that you got paid for it will not make it easier for you when mitigating or defend yourself on the bench.

An impermissible background check can entail damages claims if the applicant can prove that the losses were incurred by obtaining unlawful information and that without this measure, the applicant would have been recruited.

We conduct background checks in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova, company employees screenings, drug testing, personal backgrounds, employment and pre-employment background checks in Romania and in Moldova, candidate CV and ID verification and validation, employment and education reference collection for human resources agencies.

We always use only public data, available publicly or emanating from public knowledge and domain. Never will we issue reports containing illicit information, be that information vital or otherwise.

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