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For many years now, we at Background Check Romania undertook and conducted thousands of background checks and screenings for some tens of human resource agencies around Europe mainland, the UK, US and Canada; generally speaking, from the Far East or South America. All requests were regarding checking Romanian nationals about to be employed by a foreign or joint Romanian-some other foreign, or running screenings for the employees of foreign companies in Romania.

While the backbone of the Background Check in Romania operations were and still are background checks for Romanian citizens, about to be employed in foreign companies operating in Romania, we have seen a new type of requests coming  from our customers (mainly HR agencies or companies). This new type of request actually took us by surprise: checking Romanian nationals already employed by Western companies outside Romania, AND working outside Romania. Our previous experience with such requests was something of a one-off, for most part of our 26 years of activity.

While not a completely different kettle of fish from good old regular background check, checking already employed individuals operating outside Romania can be tricky in a country such as, well, Romania. Reasons are quite a few, I am not going to bore anyone to death with details of it. If you need details, I will be more than happy to provide them to you.

We are getting this sort of requests for background check in Romania in quite a thick number now, and we take this opportunity to let every potential customer that we currently do offer this type of new service.

If interested in a background check in Romania, or a screening in Romania or for a Romanian citizen working for your company based outside Romania, please let us know. It will be our pleasure to count you as one of our esteemed clients!

Thank you for considering Background Check Romania as your primary resource for Romanian market.

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