Make background check mandatory

Right to erasure
Verificare trecut judiciar

It would appear that an Italian national illegally practiced medicine in Romania, without actually being a licensed doctor, without any medical studies, without a national practice license. However, he had a lot of personal charm and (allegedly) a good understanding of medical practice (at least on a theoretical level). He had professional topics discussed with real doctors in his field of activity and nobody suspected anything.

It is not clear at this moment what exactly blew his cover; it is alleged that some nurse became suspicious when she saw him preparing for a surgical intervention: the good doctor forgot to wash his hands and also forgot to put on his surgical gloves.

Anyways, it would appear that the Romanian authorities suddenly realized that times had changed since the 1950’s inefficient bureaucracy style. Suddenly, everybody is throwing blames, is naming names, is avoiding responsibility. This I understand: it is the typical reaction of a completely out of its depth system.

If there was a good understanding of the necessity of running background checks on would-be employees, such a scam would almost never happen. You’re hiring a doctor for your medical practice? Why on earth you are not checking him? The current procedures of hiring someone are completely obsolete and not responding to the main questions an employer should have about the candidate: degree, diploma, last two places of work, what position, any mishaps, issues with medical associations, with whom he worked, how did he do within the team, how did he behaved with his fellow doctors and staff in the last workplace, and the list can go on. Of course, when the candidate comes from another country, as this guy came from Italy to practice in Romania, the background check is upped with new questions.

Looks like nobody died, which is good. However, everybody was taken in by his personal charm and forgot to ask him for basic documents or qualifications, And this is is bad.

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