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We have been constantly improving our services and the areas we can assist our customers, be they direct hiring companies or human resources agencies in Romania. We have taken head on the current situation of pandemics and seen it as a tremendous opportunity to enhance our research vectors and provide more reliable, fast and legal reports to our clients.

As a direct result of the above, we noticed a large number of requests arrived from companies who deemed the Covid 19 tests to be  a must-have knowledge, when it comes to returning to work of their employees. This is great, for safety and security of your employees is vital for your organization, its business and staying ahead of the game.

This services, provided either as a part of a package or as a standalone service, is completely legal, confidential, safe, fast and takes the hindrance of organizing it yourself out of your way. It can be very well provided as part of a regular employment background check or it can be required as it is, without any mandatory service pack accompanying it, as other background check providers do.

Your employees are taking the test in one of the best medical clinic chains in Romania, with branches spread all over the country. Your employees do not have to travel or take a day off job, with results in less time than you would believe. These are approved tests, recognized as the proper ones by the international health and medical organizations. We can organize your employees visits in batches ranging from 2-3 to 50 per day.

Testul de referință pentru diagnosticul specific de COVID-19, cunoscut sub denumirea de ARN viral SARS-CoV-2, utilizează metoda Real Time PCR (RT-PCR) evidențiind virusul prin tehnici de amplificare a materialului genetic viral. Probele recoltate sunt exsudat nazofaringian și faringian, iar un rezultat pozitiv indică prezența în proba analizată a ARN-ului SARS-COV-2, fiind sugestiv pentru diagnosticul COVID-19

The costs are second to none, and your employee does not have to pay anything at the moment of the testing. It’s all taken care of by ourselves, and we will invoice you in batches, per calendar month.

Do not risk your employees’ health, your company and your business. Get in touch with us today and tell us about your company’s needs. Let us know how we may assist you with the Covid 19 tests!!