Why social media profile ?

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Why screen your tenant ?

Social Media Profiling as a tool for Recruitment Background Checks

Social media profiling is a background check in Romania tool which we deploy and conduct on behalf of our clients, as part of a background check in Romania.It is one of the tools used for the basis of our background check reports, be they for employment or screening processes, or for personal background research.

While compliant with existing legislation in both EU and Romania, our research may reveal behavioral conduct online, which may or may not be compliant with our client’s policies or corporate regulations.

Social media check as a tool to screen off your employees

Designed to keep our client’s organization safely compliant with employment laws and regulations. It identifies online traces left by an individual and provides a series of key behavioral vectors which then can be exploited by the client to avert any possible issue with that employee.


These verification actions are mandatory if an employer wishes to avert the possible mistakes an employee may have had done online, with a damaging effect currently or in the future. Such mistakes have often resulted in court or legal action, attracting attention more often than not wanted or desired. All this can be avoided by using our social media profiling tool.

  • Profiling and screening – improves the quality of talent matching.
  • Employee monitoring – enables you to take early action if required.
  • Training and education – many employees simply do not understand the concept or consequences of their online actions.

Online social profiling

Our reports indicate to potential or existing employers if an individual’s social media activities:

  • breach of your company existing compliance policy
  • are leaking or are likely to leak information
  • could potentially damage your brand and reputation
  • may have an impact on sales and customer relations
  • confirm professional  and personal details on their CV
  • strange or undesirable behavior in the workplace

If you wish to discuss how our social media profiling is of use to you, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

We will be more than happy to provide you with information regarding our extensive expertise and experience in the field.