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We all know that finding that proper candidate for that sensitive position in your organization is a very difficult job. Lying in the curriculum vitae, mentioning those “real” salaries or “difficult” job descriptions, all these are very common nowadays.

Research reveals that there is an alarming increase of applicants which are actually inventing skills and qualifications they never had or have, in order to land that job they seek. That is why a lot of organizations are resorting to hiring background check companies to well, run background checks on their candidates, and why not, on those they already employ.

We, at Background Check Romania, are conducting such services on a regular basis. We have extended our range of verification types, as the fields of activity nowadays are diversifying continually: special industries employment and qualifications check (medical, transportation, security, lab researching, etc). But, of course it’s always a but…

We see the need of an alternative verification of the candidate, one which will see our client getting a different set of data, a set of data addressing a different angle of the candidate’s profile. This we call an alternative verification, and it’s actually a report based on analytical analysis of several vectors:

  • data from deep social research
  • CV gaps and red flags analysis
  • references on business and commercial activities
  • duration of jobs, positions and location stability
  • professional memberships, duration and current status

This we call a profile of a different type, and it proves to be quite an asset because it is more and more sought after by our clients. A fresh and different angle, as it were.

Let us know if you have any projects for background check and screening in Romania. You can also check our free assessment page, which is a good starting of you learning how we can be of assistance.