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In the world we live in today, companies (be these small, medium or large, or even multinational corporations) need to be extremely careful about the danger of forbidden substances usage by their employees. A public scandal, an accident or indeed any type of mistakes may occur due to drug use. And besides, it would not do for any employee to make use of illegal substances, period!

Every employer has to ensure their candidates and employees, and the organizational environment is free of any drugs. Making it mandatory for everyone, the drug screening can enhance your staff responsibility and will make your organization a safer and more business -focused medium.

Romania, like any other country with an emerging economy, is no different. Many foreign or national companies are present nowadays, and their concern of employees using drugs is always present. Romania is in now way different from its fellow European countries, at least in this respect.

Drug testing Romania is a program initiated by Background Check Romania, started in 2010, as a package available for companies active on Romanian territory. We undertake drug testing / drug screening, either on location of client’s offices or in any other location client where our drug testing or screening may be needed.

Background Check Romania can and will help you keep your organization safe and secure, and also helping you in curbing . And we can help you to improve your existing screening methods, if any in place. We offer this service on the entire national territory of Romania only.

Contact us if you need a drug screening or testing run in Romania, a background check, or if you need more information about us and our services.