Background Check Romania – a crash course into our services

Screening services Romania
Happy Holidays!

Employment background and references collection in Romania are designed with our HR customers needs in mind, our processes and procedures are fast, legal, easy to understand and transparent, saving our customers valuable time and energy. We combine 25 years of experience with our well-implemented use of human intelligence.

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This is our general approach (but not limited to: bespoke projects are a norm with our clients):

  • Identity verification
  • Address history
  • Employment and qualifications
  • Criminal and sanctions
  • Background and social
  • Professional & organization memberships
  • Commercial activity

We observe all follow ups required to keep any screening on track and we keep our customers informed every step of the way.

Contact us today for an employment background and reference collection in Romania, or you may ask us for a “Screening Levels” document. Background Check Romania also offers a free of charge case assessment and quotation of service.