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Any research, and indeed, its results are most of the times vital to our clients, or extremely important anyway. Business decisions, company future, expansions and merges, or hiring that gifted professional, all of these are mostly based on such research and results.

However, if not conducted proper, and my meaning here concerns the legality of it all, the results are worthless. Indeed, worse than worthless, they are infringing upon the existing laws and regulations. And THAT is bad.

That is why in order for you to hire safe, we always strive to meet the most critical and demanding legal requirements; when it comes to the legality of our research, we do not cut corners, and we DO NOT engage in illegal research or calling in illegal methods of getting our results. Period.

We have strong and efficient procedures in place, extremely effective to nip in the bud any derailment of our research sideways. For more information on this matters, please check our work flow and safety policies we currently run.

The way we see it, any tainted data, following an illegal research and condensed into a report, can put our client (and us, obviously) in front of a judge, severely damaging trust and business. 

Or you may send us your questions, we’ll be happy to clear up any aspect of it all, if need be.