Ease up on your workflow

Hire safe
Personal investigation

Our employment verification reports, provided to your organization with vital information on candidates, are invaluable, and mandatory. Our wide array of background checks, education verification, screening solutions and valuable add-on services are helping our clients to ascertain in an educated mode if a candidate is suitable for that position, and more.

We can also help to lessen the work burden on your HR department, by taking some time-consuming tasks from their shoulders and deal with them professionally, as we are doing it since 1991:

  • Simplify the employment screening process
  • Reduce administrative time and costs
  • Create a safer and more secure workplace
  • Take on new personnel with confidence
  • Reduce liability

All that your HR department has to do is to send us the proper signed candidate’s accord, and their CV. After a few days, all they have to do is to file our reports. And job done