Identity check in Romania

Legality of data collection
Background check and employment verification Romania
Legality of data collection
Background check and employment verification Romania

Identity check in Romania, vital part of a proper background check

We, at Background Check Romania, take very seriously any verification of an individual, when it comes to identity confirmation / validation of personal data. Any identity verification service ranging from basic to comprehensive is bound to be considered the key to any background research. Sometimes, a wrong detail in a CV may signal a red flag, ranging from small lies, up to plain identity theft.

In order to do so, we start to dig and sift through all national and local databases, visiting the former/current employment place, discuss with former employers and supervisors, work colleagues, neighbors, collecting references, chat with local DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions), tax office, local constabulary, visiting the local GP or neighborhood clinics, even with the local priest (you would be surprised).

In the same time, we uncover and collect any data which may provide us with hard facts and solid copies of key documents; where we cannot get these legally by ourselves, we do get them by using of the Information Release form, signed by the candidate.

These here are the main tasks when we deal with an identity check case in Romania. However, this list is not nailed, we are always happy to work with our clients in order to get a custom-tailored work frame and / a bespoke project.

  • national identity number verification
  • obtaining a recent identity photograph for comparison
  • name and address search
  • asset search
  • credit check
  • professional license search
  • employment verification
  • education / degree verification
  • reference check
  • driving record verification
  • marriage/divorce record search
  • child custody / support check
  • social media check
  • neighborhood profile report
  • judgments
  • bankruptcy search
  • county courts search

We are looking forward to hearing from you in your own time, related to Background Check Romania. Do give us a call, for any background check in Romania.



Identity check in Romania
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