Personal investigation

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Apart from the main services of background check and employment / education verification we undertake and conduct, we also specialize in personal investigation of an individual.

Such services are conducted to the purpose of identification of certain situations and possible red flags, and are destined to build a clear profile of the person/persons. All done in a secure and legal environment and with observing the utmost confidentiality.

Coupled with other solutions we offer, such as education or past employment information, or professional qualification and experience check, this personal investigations service can provide you with invaluable insight into an individual’s past and current profile.

Such services are conducted to the purpose of identification of:

  • personal and family background
  • commercial & company associations Romania and EU
  • business links in Romania and the EU/EMEA
  • tax and insurance
  • vehicle ownership & traffic incidents
  • track and trace of an individual
  • properties & assets
  • criminal and civil litigation
  • wanted lists Romania and the EU/EMEA
  • address history and local references
  • driving records & traffic incidents
  • address locate and visitation
  • social media profile
  • local & national media check

If you are in need of a personal investigation of an individual in Romania, please do not hesitate to contact us.